Minor in Sociology

Sociology Minor Requirements and Advising Handout

Requirements for the Sociology Minor

Course Requirements Units
Core Course (minimum grade of C- required)  
SOCI 201: Introduction to Sociology (GE D) 3
Additional Sociology Courses (no minimum grade required)  
SOCI Courses 16
Total Min. Units in the Minor 19

Notes on Minor Requirements

  1. To declare the sociology minor, a student must (1) have an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 and (2) have completed a sociology course with a minimum grade of C-.
  2. Interim policy through 2022-23: Sociology is an impacted major. In order to declare the sociology major or minor, students must (1) have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher and (2) have completed a sociology course, have a sociology course in progress, or intend to enroll in a sociology course.
  3. Students must complete the minor using the catalog requirements in place at the time they declare the minor.
  4. Minimum Grade of C-: Students must earn a C- in each core course. There is no minimum grade for electives.
  5. Lower Division Work: Sociology majors may apply up to eight units of lower-division sociology credit towards the major. Of these eight units, no more than four may be non-SSU transfer credit. If a lower division course is used to meet the statistics requirement, it does not count against either of these limits.
  6. Contract Courses: Students may take up to eight units of Soci 499 (Internship), but only four units will count toward the major. Students may take up to eight units each of SOCI 490 (Teaching Assistant), 493 (Research Assistant), and 495 (Special Studies), but only four combined units of SOCI 490, 493, and 495 will count toward the major.
  7. General Education: Sociology GE courses may be used to meet both Sociology requirements and GE requirements at the same time.
  8. Letter Grades: Courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade (A-F), except when not available in the A-F mode.