Online and Hybrid Course Policy (Interim)

Online/Hybrid Course Policy (Interim)*

Sociology Department

Sonoma State University


Approved: April 13, 2022

Effective: April 13, 2022


During the Academic Year (Fall and Spring semesters), the following expectations govern the scheduling of online or hybrid courses sociology courses:

  1. The Department Chair is responsible for determining the mode (FTF, online, or hybrid) of each course offered, after consultation with the impacted Faculty.
  2. No core courses (SOCI 300, 375, 498) are to be offered in online or hybrid modes. (Exceptions: SOCI 201 and 301 may be offered online/hybrid only because they are part of the GE program. Sociological Experience courses may be offered online/hybrid because they serve as electives.)
  3. Online/Hybrid courses must be scheduled outside of “peak hours” (10 am - 3 pm).
  4. Online/Hybrid courses must be pedagogically appropriate for the scheduled mode. 
  5. The overall Sociology schedule for a given semester must follow any mode expectations set by the School or University (for example, at present, no more than 30% of a department’s courses in a given semester should be offered in online/hybrid modes).

Winter and Summer Intersession courses are allowed to be offered in any mode (FTF, online, or hybrid) approved for the course in question at the discretion of the Department Chair.

*The current interim policy replaces the Sociology Department’s 2014 Interim Online and Hybrid Course Policy. It is intended to guide the Department’s scheduling of online and hybrid courses until the revision of Sonoma State’s Online and/or Hybrid Instruction Policy is complete. At that point, the interim policy will be revisited.