SOCI 300 Requirements

SOCI 300 (Sociological Research Methods) Requirements

  1. Goal: To introduce students to the fundamentals of research design in sociology. Students will learn how to select topics, formulate research questions and hypotheses, design data collection instruments, and construct literature reviews. 
  2. Texts: Instructors may use textbooks of their choice when they teach this course. 
  3. Course Content
    1. Qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis
    2. Effective library use and information literacy in the social sciences 
    3. Use of the ASA citation style
    4. The ethics of research involving human subjects
    5. The logic of conceptualization and operationalization
    6. The logic of sampling
    7. The logic of causality 
    8. A variety of research methods that shall include at a minimum (i) participant-observation, (ii) semi-structured interviews, and (iii) self-administered surveys 
    9. A literature review using a common assignment shared by all sections of Soci 300 (the assignment is to be developed in Fall 2015 for implementation in Spring 2016) 
  4. Course Requirements
    1. Each student should complete a series of exercises, with each exercise designed to provide a direct, "hands on" opportunity to collect and analyze data using a specific research method. There should be at least three (3) such exercises, one on each method noted in 3h (above): (i) participant-observation, (ii) semi-structured interviews, and (iii) self-administered surveys. 
    2. Additional assignments and/or exams are at the instructor's discretion. 

Approved: May 4, 2006

Revised and Approved: July 2010; April 2012; May 5, 2015