Degree Programs

Declaring the Sociology Major or Minor

Students must apply with a Sociology Advisor to declare the major or minor.

Sociology is an impacted major. In order to declare the sociology major or minor, a student must (1) have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher and (2) have completed a course in sociology with a minimum grade of C-. 

Interim policy for 2021-22: in order to declare the sociology major or minor, students must (1) have an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher and (2) have completed a course in sociology, have a sociology course in progress, or intend to enroll in a sociology course.

Why Major or Minor in Sociology?

Sociology provides an excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. Sociology majors and minors are employed in in non-profit work, human services and social advocacy (including alcohol and drug rehabilitation, health agency administration, counseling, recreation, senior services, social welfare, vocational, and rehabilitation counseling); national, state, and local government (including research, public administration, personnel, and planning), and in business (including organizational management, human relations, union organization, industrial relations, communication consulting, public relations, and marketing).

Sociology majors are able to participate in internships and research assistantships that often lead to professional contacts and provide practical experience in pursuing these and additional career paths.

Sociology courses prepare students for graduate study in social work, social services, public administration, community health, law, and business, as well as doctoral programs in sociology and related academic fields.