Mario Venegas, Ph.D.

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Professor Mario Venegas
Mario Venegas, Ph.D.


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Ph.D., Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
MA, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin
BS, Sociology, Boise State University

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Academic Interests

Social Movements, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnic Politics, Historical Sociology


Research: As a political sociologist by training, my research interests are in social movements, labor and labor movement, political network, and international political economy. In my research agenda, I examine how social movement activists navigate the internal politics of collective organizing. Within the craft of collective organizing, I examined cultural dimensions of power, collective identity, and mechanisms of discipline among activists. Through historical and ethnographic data, I draw on historical and contemporary movements such as the labor movement, the Chicano movement, and the LGBT movement to explain how movements develop, build, decline, and inspire other movements. Based on my experience in the labor movement, I am developing a new line in my research agenda: political economy in Latin America. My budding project is about political networks: politicians, academics, government bureaucrats, and lobbyists that in connection with one another pass and enforce austerity measures and privatization of public goods in Latin America. As a result of these measures, there have been protests and strikes across public sector employees to protect goods like water, electricity, and education to name some.

Teaching: My experience in historical and field methods shapes my pedagogy in teaching a history of the present. That is, I connect the past with events in the present and seek to understand larger social phenomena and politics through a broader historical point of view. As a political sociologist, I teach students to make connections between the personal challenges in their everyday lives and the systemic, political, practical, and material forces that shape these circumstances. I introduce students to specific concepts and theories that allow them to explore issues of inequality, rituals of power, politics in everyday life, and the contested nature of social movements and other forms of resistance. A key element of my approach to teaching in liberal arts education is my commitment to developing a sociological imagination that bridges the personal to the political, the past to the present, and the abstract to the concrete. To me, writing is one of the most powerful ways to develop this imagination, as writing enables students to express their thoughts and emotions, forge them into arguments, and present them. Writing is a way to be in communication with those who passed, and those whose thought endure the test of time.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Venegas, Mario. 2021. “Alinskyism and Tactical Dexterity: Building the Texas Chicano Movement, 1965-1978.” Mobilization: An International Quarterly 26(3):323-342 DOI:

Venegas, Mario. 2020. “Between Community and Sectarianism: Calling out and Negotiated Discipline in Prefigurative Politics.” Social Movement Studies DOI:

Venegas, Mario. 2019. Review of Sina Kramer, “Excluded Within: The (Un)Intelligibility of Radical Political Actors.” Social Forces 98(1), September 2019:1-3.

Venegas, Mario. 2013. “The Racialized Experiences of Video Games.” McNair Scholars Research Journal 9 (1), Article 14.