Academic Advising and Office Hours Policy

The Sociology Department does not use an assigned advisor system for academic advising. Students may see any faculty member designated as an advisor. All tenure- track faculty members, Visiting Assistant Professors and FERP faculty are designated as advisors. All advisor office hours are by appointment (in 15 minute intervals). Sign-up sheets for office hours are available on the Sociology Department website. On a space-available basis, students are also welcome to drop into faculty office hours without a prior appointment. 

Faculty members are expected to be available during their designated office hours and to update the sign-up sheet if they will miss their office hours. 

During the course of academic advising faculty will fill out and sign student forms before forwarding them for review and required signatures. If the forms forwarded to the Chair contain mistakes or missing information, the Chair may return them to the faculty advisor for revision.

All advisors (except the Chair) are required to offer a minimum of three posted hours of advising each week during the semester (excluding finals week). The Chair is required to offer two posted advising office hours each week.

FERP faculty members and lecturers are expected to offer one posted office hour for each course they are teaching in the semester in question. Any FERP faculty member or lecturer acting as the Internship Coordinator (teaching two sections of SOCI 496 and supervising SOCI 499 internships) is expected to hold one office hour per week for all of the combined internship work. 

Sociology Department
Sonoma State University
Interim Policy Approved 05/04/15; Revisions to office hour process, June 2021